Atlantic Trust Senior Wealth Strategist Ryan Christine Coulson provides a starting point for year-end tax planning in light of new rules and regulations governing various tax and estate planning strategies.

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Atlantic Trust Chief Investment Officer David Donabedian, CFA, touches on topics such as equities, valuation and key portfolio takeaways as they pertain to the U.S. and global economies.

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In light of the Fed's decision not to raise interest rates, Chief Investment Officer David Donabedian, CFA, explains the rationale behind the decision and what it means for investors in the fourth quarter and beyond.

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While once considered “mysterious,” characterized by investor misconceptions and thoroughly debated after the global financial crisis, hedge funds at their core remain a fairly simple structure with a flexible investment mandate. Ohm Srinivasan, CFA, senior investment manager, explains.

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The primary role of a trustee—holding title to property for the benefit of another—sounds simple enough on its surface, but selecting a trustee is really a complex decision with many nuances. Senior Wealth Strategist Paulina Mejia explains our approach.


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There are many ways to help fund current and future education costs. By understanding the options, you can select the ones that make the most sense for your family. Chief Fiduciary Officer Linda Beerman explains how we approach this topic that is so important to many of our clients. 


Chief Investment Officer David Donabedian, CFA, explains the current state of the economy and financial markets and explains how investors should position their portfolios for the environment ahead.


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With the Fed’s dual mandate to reach full employment without generating excessive inflation, we may be approaching the first change in Fed policy in about six years. Atlantic Trust Head of Fixed Income Gary Pzegeo, CFA, follows up on last week’s podcast with more detail on how the Fed is formulating its policy and what that means for investors.


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What effect may recent stress in the financial markets have on Fed policy? Atlantic Trust Head of Fixed Income Gary Pzegeo, CFA, explains the factors he's watching in Europe and Puerto Rico and how fixed income investors should prepare.


Our digital assets are vast and growing every day. How should individuals plan for their digital lives to be managed after their death? Senior Wealth Strategist and Managing Director Josh Miller, CFP, explains.

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